Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some more Scrapbook Layouts

Hi there, this week I did a few more layouts, kind of on a roll, and I thought I'd share them with you. Maybe they can give you some inspiration if you need it. Tomorrow, I'm meeting with my career advisor, then hopefully, I can find interviews and get a job. There seems to be a lot of internships out there right now, especially in fashion but what do you do when you can't afford to live somewhere to be at the internship? I'm hoping to find a PAYING job. Maybe sometime in the future I'll post some pics of my portfolio up. I'm working on my personal fashion-y website that will be like an online portfolio. When I finish, I will post a link here. Enough about my job woes, here are some new layouts:

College Graduation Day:

I submitted this one for a Sunday Sketch over at Studio Calico.

Free Spirit:

Free Spirit is my mantra for this new year, do everything I want to, pursue my dreams without worrying what other people think.

*Mom* My Biggest Fan:

My Mom truly is my best friend and a terrific support system. I also submitted this one to a Studio Calico challenge.

and Last but not Least,

I wonder what 2011 will bring:

That's all for the Scrapbook layouts.

You may or may not know that Spring 2011 couture Fashion shows are going on right now. When they finish, I'll post my favorites here. I'm not super inspired or impressed with a lot of the collections right now, except for Elie Saab (go to and look at these stunning gowns). I'll keep you posted.


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