Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some Scrapbook Pages and Cards for Etsy

I've been continuing to work on scrapbook pages for myself and cards to put in etsy so I thought I'd share some here with you. I've noticed that I haven't shared any scrapbook pages on this blog so I thought I'd display some and give everyone a glance at what's in my etsy shop.

First off, my most recent scrapbook page:

This one was created for a Studio Calico weekly challenge to use fabric on a page. It is a picture of my mother's fourth birthday. I'm the only one in my family that scrapbooks so I've made it my mission to get everyone's scrapbook done. I really like the finished look of this page, it's fancy and I'm proud of it. I love that satisfaction of creating something and being happy with it because I'm a perfectionist and very rarely completely happy with any of my work. Lately, I've been learning that it's ok to be proud of what you accomplish, even if it's not "perfect".

This next page was for another Studio Calico challenge, last week's Sunday Sketch. I wanted to display a few pieces from some of my college drawing classes. I want to scrapbook while the memories are still fresh.

After I finished this page, I felt like I had great accomplishments to be proud of and I loved how the finished page turned out too. : ) Not too shabby!

Now for some pages I created a few months ago, just a little gallery, if you will:

High School Photography Class:


Grandma's House:

San Diego, California:

So now you've seen some of my scrapbook pages and now I'll move on to some cards that are now in or are coming soon to my etsy shop, which you can visit via a link on the right of the blog, how convenient!

Some of these are singles and a couple are small variety packs, people seem to like the smaller varieties better, easier on the pocketbook I think.

Anyway, the last time I posted was my birthday and I mentioned that I was making pizza, let  me just say, disaster. Have you ever had a plastic bowl melt on top of your stove because the oven below got too hot! This is what happened, I needed a warm place for my pizza dough to rise so I turned the oven on to sort of preheat and help the dough rise at the same time. Well, we are in an apartment complex and have a very cheap oven of sorts and this heat from below melted my plastic bowl and cooked my dough, bleh! All is not lost, the cupcakes turned out delicious and we ended up having delicious nachos instead.

 I've since made that dough again (from the Gluten Free Girl and the Chef's cookbook) and let me tell you, it made the most delicious gluten-free pizza crust! Muah! Everyone should go out and get this cookbook, it's not just for those who are eating gluten free. There are lots of wonderful, restaurant-y recipes that are smart but unpretentious.

Also a must have are the Debbie Meyer Green boxes. These things are amazing. They really do keep veggies and fruits fresh for a long time. They give you time to eat your wholesome foods and to conquer those New Year's resolutions. They pay for themselves so quickly, these are amazing! There I said it again! Sorry if I'm sounding like an infomercial,  but I like to let everyone know about amazing products that really work if I've used them. You can find the cookbook on Amazon and the greenboxes on HSN.

*no one is paying me to endorse their products, these are just my opinions.

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