Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Cards in Etsy Shop!

Hi there, just wanted to share with you some of the new cards now available in my shop. Some won't be up right away (mostly the singles, still have to do descripts and upload), so this is sort of a sneak peak! Here goes:

That last one is one I did for a My Pink Stamper Challenge and I've decided it's going in the shop. I really liked the way it turned out (with crystals as sprinkles!). These are better pics of it. I included lots of pictures on this post because that's the way I like it when I go to other blogs, not that I'm not interested in what they have to say. I just really love pictures!

Additional note:
I watched another documentary centered on food so in case you're interested, it's called Fed Up and focuses on bio-engineering of food and crops. It was really informative and made me a little (ok a lot) afraid of our corn supply but that's nothing new! I would definitely recommend watching it, it's on Netflix instant watching if that helps anyone.

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