Monday, May 16, 2011

A New Layout and Product Reviews

Hey there,
I wanted to share a new layout (using mostly Sassafras supplies) and also some products I'm loving right now (budget haircolor and foundation).
First my new layout. Lately I've been working on bits and pieces of layouts here and there so it felt good to get an entire layout completed. I haven't really been in the mood for making more cards for my Etsy shop, seeing as though nothing has sold recently (a little bit of a bummer but oh well).

Here goes:
Amazing Place, Amazing Girls

This layout was made to honor some church friends from high school. They got me through some tough times and never failed in providing encouragement and some much needed laughs.I'm going to put my "hidden" journaling in the "here's the story" pocket. This layout uses mostly Sassafras Indie Girl supplies and some blooms, of course, love that line so much! I also traced some Maya Road chipboard frames in white for a little something extra. The mist in the background is Mister Huey in Lunch Tray from Studio Calico. Hope you like it!

And Now: Product Reviews

I haven't been able to afford the department store brands of makeup that I thrived on not to long ago. It's been really difficult to find something comparable in a drugstore brand. I firmly believe in investing in your makeup, if you can. So, I've been trying out various cheaper brands and have come across some gems.

Maybelline: Instant Age Rewind, Radiant-firming Foundation

I really love this stuff. This could be for everybody, not just aging skin, I'm 23 and love it! I think I said that already...My mom actually got this to try and it worked really well for her as well (and makeup never stays on her). It has great coverage but is light, blends well and the best part, it stays on ALL day! I haven't broken out with it so it gets an A plus in my book. I normally don't care for Maybelline products but I'll definitely buy this again, I think it's about $7. Don't get the one with the applicator, you get a lot less product for more money!

This one I bought because Kandee Johnson recommended it and I trust her completely (she's always so gorgeous!). I tried it and I loved it too! It was $9 something and have only used it for about a week so I don't really know how long the product is going to last yet but a little goes a long way and it too lasts all day, so exciting. I have some leftover acne marks so it's nice to not have to worry about reapplying makeup throughout the day.

Finally, I tried out a new haircolor:
L'Oreal Sublime Mousse in Pure light brown

Photo from L'

I really loved how easy this was to apply. A lot less drippy than other formulas and there's plenty of product so even long-haired girls (like me) can get ALL of their hair colored in one go with no mess to clean up off the floor (that's a first for me!). Best of all, the color came out exactly like it said it would, no weird brassy after"taste" left on my hair, just the light brown I was promised. YAY! At $8 something, it's way cheaper than going to a salon with great results. I would definitely reccommend. If you want to go more than just a few shades different than your natural color, please go to a professional. No matter how great a drugstore brand is, if you're looking for a miracle, go to someone who knows what they're doing so you don't have to go in for someone to "fix" what you've done : ). TIP: Blonde is always tricky at home. My family is full of hair-dressers!

Alright, that's it, hope some of these reccomendations help in uncertain times.

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